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4 Home Improvement Projects that Should be Left to a Residential Electrician – Springs

For more than 20 years, MJ Electric has been servicing the electric repair needs of Long Islanders. Using the proven techniques and the most advanced technologies, their licensed electrical contractors are dedicated to not only meeting the needs of their customers but exceeding them. Their “Done Once, Done Right” guarantee is a testament to the quality of work they provide. Offering superior services, affordable prices, and fast results, it’s no wonder why MJ Electric is the first place Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners and business owners call when they need a residential electrician or a commercial electrician.

Whether you’re thinking about doing a major remodel or a minor upgrade, you might be planning on doing the work yourself. While taking the DIY route is certainly commendable, if there’s any electrical work involved, it’s better to leave the job to a residential electrician. Though it may be tempting to tackle the job yourself, unless you have ample knowledge and experience, mistakes are bound to happen. Having a professional handle the electrical work will save you time, prevent costly repairs, and most importantly, will ensure the safety of your home.

The following home improvement projects require the expertise of a reputable residential electrician…

Electrical Upgrades

Some home improvement projects may require an upgrade to your home’s electrical system. For example, if you’re going to be installing a new refrigerator, a range, or any other major household appliance, the electrical panel might need to be upgraded so that it can accommodate the appliance. Adding an extension to your home might require an electrical upgrade, too.

Whatever your project entails, if you’re electrical panel needs to be upgraded, it’s best to leave it to a professional electrical company. If you attempt to upgrade the panel on your own, making even a minor mistake could cause serious repercussions.

New Wire Installations

Installing new electrical wiring for a light switch might seem like a pretty simple and straightforward job, in reality, it’s more involved than many homeowners realize. Having a licensed and experienced electrician install new wiring is a much better option than doing it yourself. Not only will a professional install it faster than you probably would be able to on your own, but he or she will ensure that everything is up to code, ensuring the safety of your home.

Receptacle Installations

If you need to have any new receptacles installed, such as an outlet, a USB port, or a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), you’re going to want to call in a pro. The addition of a new receptacle is pretty involved; walls may need to be cut into, wires, wires need to be spliced, and outlets and ports need to be grounded. If any mistakes are made, you could end up cutting off the power to your home, damaging the electrical system, or injuring yourself. If the receptacle isn’t installed properly, there’s also an increased risk of a fire.

Lighting Upgrades

Whether you’re thinking about installing a new light fixture or upgrading an existing one, you’ll want to have a residential electrician do it for you. Installations and upgrades involve a lot of wiring; if you’re adding a completely new fixture, such as a spotlight or a wall sconce, holes need to be cut and new wires need to be installed, too. Making even the slightest mistake can result in costly repairs; or worse, you could sustain a serious injury. Having a residential electrician install new lighting fixtures will ensure that your home is properly – and safely – lit.

The bottom line: electrical work should never be a DIY project. There are too many mistakes that can happen, which could result in costly repairs, injuries, and even fire. By having a professional electrician do the work, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done correctly, and most importantly, the safety of your family will be ensured.

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